Tagging and Enrichment

Tag your data for richer attributes and meta-tags that drive better filters,

recommendations, site-search, and SEO

Types of Tagging and Enrichment

Listings Attribution

Add rich attributes to your listings to drive deeper filters and improve discovery.


Red dress correctly tagged with attributes like color and size by listings attribution for ecommerce

Stock Photos

Stock photo correctly tagged with attributes like location and sentiment by listings attribution for stock photos

User Generated Content

Add sentiment and other tags to your user generated content (UGC) for better insights and support operations.

Reviews and Comments

User generated review of smartphone enriched with attributes like brand and quality by tagging and enrichment for ecommerce

Review Enrichment/Sentiment

User generated review of blender tagged with positive and negative attributes by tagging and enrichment for ecommerce

Support Messages

User generated support ticket tagged with attributes like reason and product category by tagging and enrichment for ecommerce


Improved Discovery

Improved Discovery

Drive easier and better discovery of products and listings with relevant attributes and tags.

Accurate Filters

Accurate Filters

Enable deeper and more accurate filters for products and listings.

Faster Sales

Faster Sales

Help customers narrow down options to make faster buying decisions.

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