Content Moderation And Quality Control

Moderate and Quality Control your data to create a clean and safe user experience

Types of Content Moderation and Quality Control

Ecommerce Listings

Moderate product listings for image quality and accurate attributes to drive a better user experience.

Image Quality Checks

Blurred product image of shoes flagged by image quality checks for ecommerce

Category and Tag Checks

Casual shoes incorrectly categorized as hiking boots hence flagged by category and tag checks for ecommerce

Deduplication Checks

Two duplicate green shirts flagged by deduplication checks for ecommerce

Fake Merchandise

Moderate your products for fake merchandise and IP violations to mitigate liabilities and improve visitor trust.

Counterfeit Checks

Potentially fake Louis Vuitton handbag flagged by counterfeit checks and fake merchandise

IP & Licensing Violation Checks

Plain white unlabelled shirt with RUN DMC logo flagged by IP violation checks and fake merchandise

Brand & Logo Violation Checks

Black colored t-shirt with inappropriate use of Nike logo flagged by brand violation checks and fake merchandise

Prohibited Content

Moderate your platform to keep it safe from prohibited content, spam, and trolls to improve visitor trust.

Drug and Paraphernalia Checks

Vape e-cigarette flagged as prohibited content by drugs and paraphernalia checks for ecommerce

Weapon Checks

Holstered pistol flagged as prohibited content by weapon checks for ecommerce

Adult Content Checks

Sex toy flagged as NSFW and prohibited content by adult content checks for ecommerce

User Generated Content

Moderate your user generated content (UGC) to improve site experience and increase safety.

Text Review Checks

Abusive language in user generated review of a men’s watch flagged by text review checks for ecommerce

Image Review Checks

Irrelevant user generated review of heels on a men’s shoe image flagged by image review checks

Q&A and Comment Checks

User generated spam text flagged by Q&A and comment checks for ecommerce


Trust and Safety

Trust and Safety

Remove fraudulent and prohibited listings to drive trust.

Consistent Site Experience

Consistent Site Experience

Drive a uniform user experience with well moderated data.

Curate the Best Listings

Curate the Best Listings

Prioritize the best listings from your data set to improve conversions.

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