Data Categorization

Categorize your data for improved site navigation, better SEO, and faster sales

Types of Categorization


Categorize all your incoming products and listings to help with navigation, site-search and SEO.


Printer correctly categorized under office electronics by data categorization for ecommerce


Red colored fashion wear correctly categorized under women’s casual dress by data categorization for ecommerce


Red colored home furniture correctly categorized under love seats by data categorization for ecommerce

Real Estate

Single family home listing correctly categorized under homes for sale by data categorization for real estates

Stock Photos

Stock photo of smartphones correctly categorized under vector images by data categorization for stock photos

User Generated Content

Categorize your user generated content (UGC) to drive better support operations and deeper insights.

Reviews & Comments

User generated review of watch correctly categorized under reviews and comments by data categorization for ecommerce

Sentiment Classification

Positive and negative sentiments in user generated review of smartphone correctly categorized by sentiment classification in data categorization for ecommerce

Support Messages

User generated support ticket for returns correctly categorized under support tickets by data categorization for ecommerce


Categorize all aspects of your social network data including profiles, comments and posts, and ad units for better targeting.


Social profile of female user correctly categorized as influencer in gaming by data categorization for social networks

Posts and Comments

Social media post on running posture by a shoe brand company correctly categorized as educational user post by data categorization for social networks


Sponsored ad on social media correctly categorized under food and restaurant by data categorization for social networks


Improved Discovery

Improved Discovery

Make it easier to find products and listings with relevant categories.

Accurate Category Trees

Accurate Category Trees

Expand to multi-level category trees easily.

Faster Sales

Faster Sales

Help customers narrow down options to make faster buying decisions.

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