Recommendations & Search Tuning

Optimize your search results and recommendations to increase conversions

Types of Recommendations and Search Tuning

Ecommerce Search

Optimize your product search results to display products in the optimal order to drive conversions.

Fashion (Text Based)

Text search for green hat returns correct product and hence rated perfect by ecommerce search for fashion

Fashion (Image Based)

Image search for brown shoes returns similar product and hence rated average by ecommerce search for fashion


Search for digital camera returns somewhat relevant product and hence rated below average by ecommerce search for electronics

Ecommerce Recommendations

Optimize your ‘You might also like” product recommendations to maximize conversions through up-sells and cross-sells.

Similar Product

Search for black leather bag returns four similar items for upselling and are rated based on relevancy by ecommerce recommendations


Search for red dress four similar items for cross-selling and are rated based on relevancy by ecommerce recommendations

Recommendation Relevancy

Search for fitness smartwatch returns quartz watch and hence rated poor in recommendation relevancy by ecommerce recommendations


Improved Discovery

Improved Discovery

Drive better discovery of products and listings through recommendations.

Better Engagement

Better Engagement

Maximize time on site by surfacing personalized recommendations.

Higher Average Order Value

Higher Average Order Value

Drive higher order values through better up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

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